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Hi, I'm Hannah! A fourth-year TV Production major at , ​specializing in cinematography. With versatile skills ​honed through hands-on experience at CSUN's ​production shows and Athletics, freelance experience, ​and a recent Videographer internship with Arroyo Seco ​Saints Baseball, I'm eager to bring my technical ​expertise and creative vision to the dynamic world of ​visual media.

My Work

Arroyo Seco Saints Baseball Team

California Collegiate League

Summer 2023 Videography Intern

Arroyo Seco Saints Baseball Team

Weekly Highlight Videos

Over the summer, one of my responsibilities was to craft weekly highlight videos. I skillfully captured the pulse-pounding action, ​distilling the best moments of each week into dynamic videos. From impactful hits to game-changing plays, viewers could immerse ​themselves in the condensed thrill of baseball through a weekly visual story tailored for our social media platforms.

Sa​ints Say what?!

Saints Say What" a daily segment we recorded,​ featured players walking into the game. Each​ day, we posed a unique, exciting question for​ them to answer, providing insights into the​ players' personalities. These entertaining​ snippets were shared on our Instagram story​ and TikTok, offering fans a fun way to get to​ know our team better.​

Whats your walk up ​song​?

I introduced the "What's Your Walk-Up ​Song?" segment to dive into our players' stories​ and the significance behind their chosen walk​-up songs. This creative approach provided​ teammates, friends, family, and fans with a​ unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into​ the personalities of our players.​

CSUN Womens Soccer Media Day

CSUN Womens Soccer

Media Day: BTS Photos

Stepped behind the curtain to ​capture the magic of Media Day ​through my lens! I documented the ​hustle and bustle, candid laughter, ​and meticulous preparation that ​went into creating the perfect shots. ​I focused on shooting the unseen ​facets of Media Day, where every ​snapshot told a story, revealing the ​dedication and camaraderie that ​brings these players together. From ​candid smiles to focused ​preparations, those behind-the-​scenes photos offered an exclusive ​peek into the making of memorable ​moments.

CSUN Womens Volleyball vs CSUB

In a Big West match at Premier ​America Credit Union Arena, ​CSUN secured a victory against ​Cal State Bakersfield in four sets. ​Sophomore Leah Miller ​dominated with a season-high 21 ​kills, complemented by Perri ​Starkey's 17. The Matadors (5-17, ​3-8 Big West) broke a three-match ​losing streak and moved one ​game ahead of the Roadrunners in ​the conference standings. ​Capturing the energy and ​excitement of this game was an ​exhilarating experience.

Some of the highlights of the ​game were the stellar moments ​crafted by powerhouse hitters ​Perri Starkey and Leah Miller. ​Starkey's impactful plays, ​totaling 17 kills, showcased ​precision and strategic prowess, ​while Miller's season-high 21 ​kills added an extra layer of ​excitement.

CSUN Men’s Basketball vs Hawaii

CSUN Men's Basketball made ​history with a seven-game winning ​streak, tying a school Division I ​record. Their dominance ​continued in Big West play, ​securing a 76-66 victory over ​Hawai'i at Premier America Credit ​Union Arena, maintaining a ​flawless 3-0 record in the ​conference. De'Sean Allen-Eikens ​led the scoring with 20 points, ​complemented by Gianni Hunt's ​season-high 16 points and six ​rebounds. Keonte Jones made a ​significant impact, contributing 13 ​points, six rebounds, five steals, ​and four blocks. This was nothing ​short of an intense and exciting ​game to watch and film.

University of La Verne: Softball Hype Video

With this hype video, I aimed ​to capture the intensity and ​pure joy of the sport. From ​powerful pitches to epic ​energy, every moment ​showcased this team's spirit. It ​wasn't just a video; it was a ​snapshot of the passion and ​excitement that defined them. ​The energy and camaraderie ​they share on the field is ​evident.This video definitely ​showcases my ability to bring ​the game to life through ​visuals and storytelling.

Wedding Cinematography

In the summer of 2021, I had the honor of both filming and editing a captivating wedding video that artfully captured the entire day's narrative, from the anticipation-filled ​moments of preparation to the joyous celebrations. This project went beyond mere documentation; it was a deliberate effort to craft a visual story that resonated with the ​couple's journey. From tender vows to exuberant dance floor scenes, each frame was thoughtfully curated to reflect the emotions and significance of their special day. ​The resulting video became a cherished keepsake—a heartfelt portrayal of a beautiful love story, encapsulating the artistry and dedication infused into every moment.

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